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Why Buy LAND?

Vacant land is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood real estate investments in the world.  When I tell people I specialize in buying and selling LAND, I get a lot of blank stares. There seems to be a widespread (and erroneous) assumption that vacant land is not an investment the truth is – vacant land is capable of producing some serious cash flow and it's one of the best investments on earth because of its hands-off nature and versatility.  I LOVE the fact that land just sits there and nothing happens.  The simplicity and stability that comes with owning the right piece of land, purchased at the right price, can far outweigh the myriad of problems that comes with any other type of real estate. If you've overlooked raw land as a viable investment opportunity in the past, you need to take a few minutes and get educated about what land is all about! 

Visit the LAND FACTS page on this website for more great information!

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Are you looking to invest in our company?

We offer the opportunity to invest your hard earned money in real estate with us! If you would like to diversify your funds and allow our experience and expertise to work for you, email us now to find out how! Great Return On Investment options!!!



 David Pascarella (MGR) 

Over 12 years experience helping people own land for investment, personal use, family fun, and asset building! Customer Satisfaction is my highest priority!  

 Andréa Gutierrez (MGR) 

Going above and beyond to find the right deal for you! Specializing in Florida land sales but able to help close a deal anywhere anytime! Se habla Español! Customer service & property investment education are my specialty!

Help Our Cause: FLO CHRIST

FLO-CHRIST! Your support and generous donation will help to spread the "Great Commission" of planting churches and spreading God's Word! 

Recently we invested in a Christian Church Planting initiative in the City of Flint Michigan and could use physical or monetary assistance with repairs and outreach!

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Our Volunteering Efforts "The Foundation United by GOD"

Fellowship and Awareness

Meeting with Those in Need

Surplus Food Distribution


We have started a Revival in Floridians and beyond by putting this Logo/Solgan around Florida & the Nation!

John 7:38 Whoever believes in Jesus, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them!

Surplus Food Distribution

Meeting with Those in Need

Surplus Food Distribution


So much food is wasted in America every day. If we all help to deliver some of this excess food to those in need there will be less hungry people on the streets!

Meeting with Those in Need

Meeting with Those in Need

Meeting with Those in Need


Do you spend time with those who are hurt & suffering? Share your Time & Testomony with others and allow the Lord to work in your life and in theirs!

Church Planting

Handing out Biblical Literature

Meeting with Those in Need


This beautiful Church building will shine as a light in the darkness and provide a safe area for those to get the services they need! -Michigan

Handing out Biblical Literature

Handing out Biblical Literature

Handing out Biblical Literature


Have you heard the Good News?!? Pass it along by helping others read and learn the Good News found in the Bible!

Praying with those around us!

Handing out Biblical Literature

Handing out Biblical Literature


We attend festivals and concerts around Florida and Michigan to PRAY & LOVE those around us! 

Please Serve the community around you today!