Frequently Asked Questions


 Do you own the land on this website?

Yes, we own each property and sell directly to customers with no third party involved. This is the main reason we can sell land so affordably. 

How does buying land online work?

It may seem strange at first but it is really quite simple. You choose a property, do your research (or ask us for assistance) then reach out to us and provide your deed information (i.e. Full Name and Legal Address) and you own the property as soon as we receive full payment for it. We will send you a Purchase Agreement via email to sign. We will then sign the deed to the property over to you and have the property recorded in your name at the county.

What fees do you charge in addition to the purchase price?

We do not charge any Loan Origination fees, Monthly Loan maintenance fees, Pre-payment Penalties, or Closing Costs. There are no hidden fees, and if you purchase a property on land contract we give a 7day grace period past the due date before there is a late fee. Most the time there are $0.00 in fees! 

What are some benefits to working with your company instead of a Real Estate office?

Our company is a family owned business we understand that big banks and real estate offices are not always willing to listen and understand each situation. We pledge to work with you every step of the way even once the property is paid off. If you stay in constant communication with us we will work hard to keep your best interests in mind! 

Are you excited to Own Vacant Land!

Simply pick a property or two then call or email for more exact information, photos and locations! 

Don't see your Question here?

Contact us today and we will do our best to answer all of your questions quickly without hassle!  Click "Contact Us" above